Monday, August 8, 2011


On Wednesday August 3rd, on my way home from my chiropractor, I suddenly felt unimaginable pain in my lower back and short bursts of intense pain shooting down both legs. I pulled over on the West Side Highway to catch a break hoping the agony would slowly fade away. On the contrary. After 30 minutes of waiting I had no other choice than to call 911. I was rushed to the ER and given Valium and Percocet which did absolutely nothing. After several hours of sweating and moaning a nurse finally gave me Morphine which again did nothing. I was admitted for pain control and ended up staying 4 days at Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan. An MRI scan revealed a herniated disc which is a severe condition. Several different pain killers, muscle relaxers and what have you was then given to me every day till I was finally able to walk a bit on my own. I was released yesterday but the problem is far from over. I'm now going into intense physical therapy for at least 6 weeks meaning I have to cancel my participation in the European festival run. This is such a major bummer cause I was looking forward to going places I've never been before like Croatia and Romania. The shows I won't be playing are Terraneo Festival in Croatia, Stirbey Festival in Romania, For Noise Festival in Switzerland and Pukkelpop in Belgium. It's so fucked! We haven't cancelled the shows yet cause we're trying to see if Sharin, Adrian and Silas can pull it off as a trio. Pretty crazy stuff!!! I'll keep you posted...

Thanks Hardeep for taking care of me in the hospital, you're a true friend. Cheers mate!